Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where are we? Where are you?

As we end week 6 and venture on to week 7 we would seem to be midway through this Learning Journey, or course, as highlighted in the acronym MOOC.  This defines where we are in the time continuum.  How do we define where we are in the connectivist learning and PLE continuum?

The MOOCCreativity and Multicultural Communication is a community of learners.  As such, we are responsible for our own learning as well as the interaction among the community of learners.  How do we access the knowledge and how do we develop our own responsibility for learning.  In what ways can we become autonomous learners and further build a community of learning?

The first 4 weeks of CMC11 offered live synchronist broadcast sessions which were recorded and then posted for viewing asynchronously around the theory of the MOOC (connectivist learning, personal learning environments and then, metaliteracy underpinnings for the conversations and community building exchanges.

We are now moving into more thematic sessions surrounding Creativity, what it is and how to find and further develop our own creativity as well as that of the community of learners.  We are a diverse lot and have multiple channels for experimentation and discovery of thinking preferences, learning styles, old and new modes of electronic communication.  And, we have  ... the hangouts in Google + which replicate, as near as possible, the Face to Face development of visual and aural exchanges. 

So far, photography, music, writing, and hangout meetings have been the modes for communication.  We have used twitter as a means to highlight broader information locations, blogs to reflect upon personal learning experiences and discussions within the MOOC template for more specific inquiries and commentary.  Are we a community of learners?  Are we reflecting and connecting?  Are we still waiting for a sign, a guide to direct us?  Who are we and what do we want to do? Where do we want to go and how? Are we interacting?  Are we having fun yet?

Are we building a community of autonomous learners?  How might we enhance the community and foster more intrinsic building upon what we know, what we want to know and how to go about knowing?

There will be another hangout in Google + on Sunday, 23 October, 13:00 New York time.  Hope to see you there.  Perhaps we can toss about some ideas that have come to mind surrounding these questions.  Perhaps ... BYOB  (bring your own brain)  :-)

Check under Carol Yeager's Google + Home page for the hangout happening ... make sure you check out your audio and video capabilities and download whatever you might need, a bit before 13:00.


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