Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scintillating chat about CMC11 in Second Life

 Meeting place with Tellmea Story and Couki  Clary after the Wednesday Live Session in Blackboard

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Thursday afternoon, following the Live Session with Stavros Michailidis, I met with Tellmea Story at Conviviality Corners.  While we started out speaking about our various schedules and shifting priorities, we ended up discussing Connectivism and Grounded Theory ... this is often how the SL meetings end up ... a bit of basic chatter and then, a deeper discussion of some topic of mutual interest.
This next week, Glen Gatin aka Tellmea Story will be holding "office hours" there,  so feel free to drop in and say hello.  He suggested he would post his hours in the CMC11 template .. so look for them there (maybe even on Week 8 page).

You might notice the Thursday edition of NewPosts on the wall ... it is a webpage and active ... feel free to enter the links and read the posts when you re in the area.  The "screen" is your browser window and you may put different urls in the bar to venture around the web.  Try a You Tube video, sit down at the table and enjoy your beverage  while you watch (the one you have near your personal work area ... we have not yet sorted out serving virtual coffee to any degree of satisfaction!)

Hope to see you there sometime before the Thursday, Week 8,  Live Session

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  1. I really miss those meetings in Conviviality Corner. My class schedule is totally unfriendly to participating live this year. When I listened to the recording last evening and heard your invitation to SL, I went "Aaagghh!" and added another point to my comments on AK's dismissal of synchronicity at