Monday, October 10, 2011

A Sampling of Creative Skills

Before we look at the various facets of creativity, it will be helpful to pick up a few tips for thinking and working creatively ... or at the very least, set up some ideas for developing a mindset for creativity.

Find a place in which you can be comfortable and have your surroundings to your liking ... conducive to putting yourself in a different mental framework.  Maybe a little music to soothe the soul ?  maybe complete silence to help you concentrate ?  The choice is yours ... take some time to think about each of the suggestions in the photograph below ... and think about what each one really means to you.

  Are you all set?  Ready to get on with delving into Creativity and Creative Problem Solving?  OK.

Now you are ready to learn more about thinking and working creatively!


  1. Recombining, Repurposing, .... thanks for this post!!

  2. Flexible. Even when my body feels past the point of being so.

  3. I found a way to beat Blogger's block. It kept telling me my gmail account didnt' have access to post. Here's what I found:

    "When I get this error, I log out. Hit the "Sign Out" link at the top-right corner. Then, I log back in - but MAKE SURE TO UNCHECK "Stay Signed In." If you make sure there's no check here, then it will let you post a comment. "

    It worked, because here I am.