Friday, October 7, 2011

Passion for Learning ...

Some one asked earlier about the meaning of passion.  I have been thinking about what passion means to me and while it has many shades of meanings in my mind, I thought I would share what passion in education means to someone who not only tells us about his passion, he lets us hear it ...

                                       PASSION AND CREATIVITY ON THE SILK ROAD

What do you think passion might be?



  1. Thank you for organizing the MOOC on creativity, Carol. When I think of passion, I think of life and how blessed I am to be alive and able to learn. I am passionate about learning and specifically about collaborative learning. I became a teacher so I could continue learning. Teaching provides me with opportunities to learn from my students and share my enthusiasm for learning. When I'm teaching, I feel truly alive.

  2. Hello Nellie,
    You said it so wonderfully 'I became a teacher so I could continue learning'. I say 'teaching is learning' and if we don't model learning why should students want to learn. We are there to inspire, get hooked on our passion for our subject and teaching and learning.

    And if all the above is right, what does this mean for teaching and learning and especially collaborative?

    ps. By the way, I was the one asking about passion. It came up during the #CMC11 webinar with Stephen Downes after which I posted something in my blog because Stephen really made me think. Please see if you like.