Saturday, September 3, 2011

More MOOCdom

My heartfelt thanks to Stephen Downes for his initial installation of his Open Source gRSShopper for use in harvesting, aggregating and feeding forward the many blogs, posts, tweets and comments we shall have in the MOOC, CMC11.  Additionally, he spent more than 90 minutes offering detailed instructions for implementing  and adjusting many of gRSShopper's myriad features.  He recorded the 97 minute session with me with Camtasia and anyone who wishes, can tune in for a personal guide here.  And, here is the location for version 3.0, the most recent and complete open source code for gRSShopper.

CMC11 is in very decent shape now with many thanks to RetSam Zhang.  He has spent many hours with me on Skype gently guiding me in the arcane world of html and programming with Stephen Downes' gRSShopper.  In so doing, he decided to embark upon the task of adding a text editor to the html editor.  This will make my programming learning journey so much easier and will leave Sam more time to develop his own website and teaching modules for ESL.  I know he spent a great deal of time on this project because I could see his "online" green logo shining nearly round the clock!  The results are stellar and I do hope he catches up on his sleep now.  Sam is the web tech and support for the run of  CMC11. In the process, we have worked through Skype, Dabbleboard, Desktop, Elluminate and e mail and they are nearly all freely available to anyone with an e mail address. Oh, and I neglected to mention that Sam is located in China, so we are exactly 12 hours different in time zones!
These are only two examples of the connectivist nature of learning as CMC11 has taken shape and filled out over the past months. These are all people I have met online and developed and maintained connectivist Personal Learning Networks during previous MOOC offerings. And now, for another example ... and I just love the way the theory becomes application and practice even before the start of this MOOC!  One of the participants has decided to use CMC11 with his Adult Literacy students as an introduction to connectivism. And, in the face 2 face groups with other adult educators in his region he has recommended that they also take advantage of CMC11 as a learning opportunity.  By the way, he is located in the very Northern, remote region of the Northwest Territory of Canada.
I will save the next example for my next blog post ... just to keep your anticipation heightened a wee bit.  Meanwhile, enjoy one of the Wordles that was generated for CMC11 ...

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