Saturday, September 17, 2011

MOOC Muddle ... cmc11 and beyond

So, my challenge: How do I find the time to also participate in two other MOOCs and still be active here?  I have been lurking in and am fascinated with the number of really interesting posts to follow ... into connectivist oblivion.  It really takes supreme effort to make the "who to follow", "where to go"  and "what to say" decisions.  I think I'll continue to lurk for a while.

And then, a short while ago, I received a daily newsletter from ds106 ... what a delicious site and an oh-so-tempting MOOC, especially for the visual artist.  I started in ds106 last winter, when I thought I might have some time to play and learn more new tricks.  Alas, just obtaining a domain to house my website proved to be my undoing.  I recall desktop sharing with a connectivist colleague in the Northwest territories and exchanging google world photos of our respective locations.  He was in a tent pitched on the frozen lake; I was tucked into the corner of my lanai overlooking a Florida golf course.  Thanks Jim Staufer, and enjoy your semester of MOOCs ... let me know when you lurk in CMC11 ... just tweet that you have been here!

So, from that frustrating start with domain hosting and website building ... here I am with a work in progress, developing the CMC11 MOOC with a shiny new webhost and on a shiny new website!  WoW, what a journey,  and it has only just begun ...


  1. Muddle indeed and one I can identify with... doing potcert11 (committed to mentor) and change11 too plus lurking lite on Multiliteracies. Vance's #evomlit is a tradition & what got me into moocs in the first place). Multicultural communication and transliteracy are built into ESL online courses open to anyone anywhere on the globe ~ any age too. Multiliteracies belong with or surely partake of metaliteracy.

    Then there connecting these with what I am up to online when not dancing with moocs. Community blogging / online networks for one - local communication and information sharing among local groups / constituencies that don't always communicate well with one another.

    For creativity, Poets and Writers network (blog + ancillary social media) and local writing on FB

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    Great to know you are checking in and, as usual, adding even more connections to your networks. Happy to have you playing with us in Creativity ... and beyond.
    It does keep us off those "narrow paths" of siloed learning!
    Would love to read some of your poetry .. why not start a channel in CMC11 for yours and any others who care to share :-)

  3. I'm here, Carol. Quite often actually this first week. Trying to keep up with #change11 too. I'll try to remember to tweet - oh gotta go tweet RetSam's neural network insight before I tune into edtechtalk. Thanks for the reminder.