Saturday, September 10, 2011

MOOCdom and MindMeister

I had alluded to another early connectivist endeavor in my previous blog posting ... this one involves you, the reader and participant in CMC11.  Glen Gatin, of Week 8 of the MOOC fame, has a mind map posted for your participatory pleasure.  It is interactive and he asks that you play around with it and add your thoughts to the branches he has started.  You have the opportunity to shape the discussion for that week, so let the mind mapping begin! MindMeister (mind mapping and brainstorming tool).

While we do not officially start until Monday, 12 September, a number of folks have already been active with blog posts, questions and group discussions.  We are still working on the technical bits and pieces for the harvesting of all the great connections and new thinking that will occur and we are right on the edge, ready and set ... to GO ...

In the Orientation Week 1 (15 September), we will talk a bit about the navigation of the learning journey (it is hard for me to think of this as a course in the traditional sense as it is so much more than content driven learning), and it would be great for you to start poking around now to let us know what bugs might still be hanging about.  Please see the Blog post area and add your RSS feed .. and a few words to get it started ... and check out the Channels section.  These are all in the left column, and some are found once you enter the "add a new feed" territory (still on the left side).  We have used 2 platforms, and with all such migrations between platforms, there are a few small quirks ... the look is very similar; the operations are a tad different.

You should be receiving this notice in the NewPosts via the e mail address you supplied with your registration. There will be a few previous blog posts from several different folks and some comments here and there.  The channels will not be harvested by the gRSShopper ...  and Sam will explain all of this in the live session Thursday, 15 September.  Please check the world time chart located at the bottom of Orientation, for your local broadcast time ... it would be great oif you can join us, chat and start us off with great numbers.  We understand if the time is not convenient, so the session will be recorded and you can access the recording a few hours later ... see the recorded sessions link.

Enough verbiage, for now             ... Let the Fun Begin ...

Second Life 2010 ... me with Glen Gatin and Sam in the Sandbox

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