Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is Education to me?

What is Education to me?

This is a podcast I created several years ago and I am including it here as a frame of reference for several blog posts that will follow. At the time of the recording, I was becoming acquainted with and learning how to use Moodle as a LMS/CMS . It has far greater capabilities for freedom in learning than the Angel system I had been using. It was a breath of fresh air knowing that a wider variety of learning mode preferences, combined with an ever expanding world of web 2.0, and beyond, tools are available. This "pod o matic" is only one of those opportunities (tools, in the ed parlance).

As I learned more about Moodle, I realized that the participant (learner) now has a much wider ability to shape the learning approach as well as the application of content. This is a good thing from my perspective. I used Moodle to lay the foundation for a presentation that I gave at the USDLA/IFWE conference in 2010.
I believe it is good practice to model my own learning journey and pass it to those who might be interested. You can find a SlideShare of that presentation in a previous blogpost of mine.

And now, I ask ... what is education to you?


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