Thursday, November 24, 2011


Current pedagogy says we need to measure what you learn ... and just how should we measure MOOC learning?

                                                    GROWING KNOWLEDGE

How do you use what you learn?

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  1. The thought-provoking video you linked suggests we can evaluate our learning by how it affects our behaviour - especially by how we share the insights and knowledge which our privileged position gives us. MOOCs have not brought me certificates or transcripts. Instead they've introduced me to people who share and reinforce my passion for empowering the learner.

    One way to measure MOOC learning is to ask ourselves, how far have we moved beyond, "Wow! I've learned so much"? Where does it go from there? Is it "Hey, why don't you join us?" (like Glen Gatin at C.Corners) or "Let me show you how I use this nifty tool." (like Alan Levine with his 50 ways) or "We could try this together." (like Jim Groom with ds106 or Carol Yeager in CMC11).

    I think one of the most powerful ways MOOCs have changed my practice is by encouraging me to give and take in the open, globally, and offering the opportunity to my students and peers.