Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shiny objects and where they take us ...

I mentioned, in an announcement for cmc11, that I had been distracted by a bunch of shiny things and was late for an important date a few days ago.  I have gone back to those shiny objects and want to share the source so you can take a spin for yourself.

Before I post the url, I want to point out that it is good to watch the video straight through first, and then go back and watch the "augmented" version with pop ups.  If you do not have a wide bandwidth, especially those on dial up, please lobby your local internet provider, or the Bill Gates Foundation, to make your access more accessible for the swiftly moving growth of connectivist/digital technologies ... and when I have more time, I will post some of the links for you to investigate for fun.

Straddling the worlds of cMOOCs is a time warping experience ... this is one of oh, so, many really interesting and mind expanding  artifacts gleaned from my lurking in etmooc.  Enjoy one of my mini curation results ...

It would be great to read participant blog posts on the experiences you encounter as you follow the shiny objects ... it has been a lovely trip down memory lane coupled with an eerie extension into the future all in the same sensory time span.

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  1. "especially on dial-up"‽‽‽

    By definition, those on dial-up do not have "wide bandwidth" (broadband). Nor is "Lobbying local provider or the Bill Gates Foundation" a viable strategy. Those very same providers, local and national, are the major obstacles to affordable broadband access. Lobbying against would be more like it. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does make numerous tech grants (with strings and mostly for hardware) to schools, colleges, universities, libraries, ed tech think tanks and so on... but not for other internet user categories.

    Every proposal or piece of legislation that comes along, I research, follow, sign, support. Most comes to naught. This makes more sense,

    In addition to income and regional factors, rural vs urban, institutional and workplace access or lack thereof are additional factors.

    PS the #chat hashtag is generally designated just for scheduled chats. Using it elsewhere messes with accurate archiving.