Saturday, November 3, 2012

Creative development ...

 within cmc11 could be an interesting, collaborative, connective process with some surprising outcomes.  A few days ago I posted a challenge to all to write about what might a new form of higher education take.  So far, no takers.

This weekend, an article on the current MOOC endeavors of the elite schools appeared.  HERE is a link to the article.  A fellow MOOC developer who is with Duke was quoted in the article and has written a blog rejoinder and poses some interesting ideas:

And so, I ask again ... what might your version of a new learning endeavor look like?  I am joining Cathy Davidson's course and will work on developing a "new model".  Perhaps we could also connect here in cmc11 and develop another version.  Do I have any takers out there? Can we form a collaboration and develop the project?  Or, form your own group and work on the development within your personal learning networks.  Paint your own picture of what it would look like ... Make it fun and enjoy the process!

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